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WFH This Circuit Breaker

It's been about a month since the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures, and it's been business as usual (or rather at home) for us at TSS. As a digital agency, working remotely or even while on the go, comes naturally to the team.

This is why our clients have pretty much had minimal or even no disruption to their social media marketing: new products were still launched online, social media assets and content were still generated and tactical promotions to encourage sending love during this difficult period were also done up. And this was even whilst we welcomed a new addition to our family: @littlegalriri :')

If there was one key takeaway that brands could learn from this COVID-19 pandemic, the below meme sums it up nicely:

Who led the digital transformation of your company? A) CEO B) CTO C) COVID-19

In my honest opinion, the brands that were truly able to withstand this pandemic (aside from those impacted by virtue of their industry e.g. airlines, hotels), were probably those with a solid social media brand equity. Basically it's those that have invested considerable time and effort in consistent content over the years, interacting with and building up their social media community.

Citing F&B as an example, when the CB kicked in and all F&B became "takeaway only", social media as a channel was arguably the easiest way to reach your fans and update them on: your opening hours, what's available/what's not, can you order online/whatsapp etc. That 1min "Food Feature" video that you might have splurged a few grand on previously won't save you, but rather it's your own consistent effort and investment in your own social media presence that pays off. For those that did not even have a social media presence to begin with, well I'm sure they have one now.

In fact, having a social media presence does not have to be costly (at least for us, can't comment on others). And while business owners have historically helmed their own social media accounts, engaging a boutique social media agency like us to manage your social media, content creation, running of social media ads has its merits too. You now have much more time to focus on business development, creating new products, seeking new collaboration partners etc and still have great, consistent content. I'm sure you would agree that's better utilisation of your time and bandwidth!

Convinced and ready to speak to us to find out more about how we can bring value to your brand? Hit us up today!

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